Faked - Winter of 2013

> Reflection:

New Techniques:
The techniques I used were very similar to what I did for my last piece:  paint, draw with pencil, spray with fixative, and paint over. However, I did use a projector to trace the basic outline of the hands, because I was having a very difficult time free handing the image. Also, rather than using a lot of white on the hands like before, I made it much more subtle so that the hands would fade into the background more. 
Peer Reaction:
No peer reaction yet. I have yet to have my group critique due to sickness and a snow-day. However, the people who have gotten a glimpse of it as I've toted it between classes have given me positive feedback.
Self Reflection:
I'm very happy with the outcome. I feel like it is more technically skilled than my last piece while still maintaining the aesthetic and meaning. It was also alot less stressful for some reason, which is always nice. However, if there was one thing I would change it would be the amount of pencil showing through - I should have painted on a few extra layers of pink paint before.
I plan on continuing with this concept and aesthetic. I've already grown attached to it which I think is because, in the words of my sister, "it's so me".
Overall Concept:
In the third grade my parents took me to the optometrist after realizing I was struggling in school. Since then, my glasses have been part of my identity... even after I began wearing corrective contact lenses.
My glasses were my safety blanket. Even now I can't stand being without them. I feel vulnerable and exposed, as if everyone is staring me down, picking out all my imperfections. These insecurities are what led me to invest in nonprescription glasses to replace the glasses which was forced to retire.
My glasses have soothed my insecurities and enabled my self-doubt. They have hidden me while emphasizing my problem.

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