> New Techniques:
I experimented with texture and color in order to achieve different interpretations of skin and weakness. For the two pieces on the right I utilized different layer techniques with newspaper in order to give them dimension as well as layering of colors to establish a creepy sense of realism.
> Peer Reaction:
Many of my peers preferred the two pieces on the left, especially the second one which many dubbed "the magical alien lady" or "bubble lady". Many also commented on how "creepy" the two pieces on the right are. I'm not sure how I feel about that. 
I was a bit discouraged over the comments I received  considering my favorite pieces were the two on the right - which only one person named as their favorite. So... I decided to be a bit rebellious and based my next 10 works on the ones I liked - experimenting with texture and the use of my favorite color, pink. However, that did not work so well for me so I reconsidered the comments given to me and incorporated the sweeter & more delicate aspects of this project into my next set, while still holding onto the creepiness I grew fond of. I still continued with my themes of weakness and overall color scheme - lots and lots of pink. 
> Reflection:
I find the first and third works to be the most successful - they best reflect the sense of vulnerability I was going for and general aesthetic I want to have in my work. I would like to continue with the overall concepts that I experimented with during this project.
> Overall Concept:
I used this project mainly to experiment, but I was definitely inspired by different interpretations of skin and weakness/fear, as well as femininity.


12/14/2012 11:07am

I actually really like the two on the right- the ones that are pinkish and purplish. I you really captured the whole skin and weakness thing in those more than the ones on the left. One of them kind of almost looks like a bruise. The two on the right are personally my favorites; maybe a lot of people like the other ones because of the illustration and technical skill and because they could actually tell what it was haha. Do what you want to do! :D


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