> Reflection

>  New Techniques: 
I worked smaller in these pieces than my last - a least half the size. I tried to play with more mediums, including hot glue. I pulled inspiration from artists I've admired for this project - the dotted lines were something I wanted to experiment with after seeing an illustrator on tumblr (who is know for her soft and whimsical use of color and line) use them in her work - a technique which I thought I could use to my advantage as I use soft and opaque colors which would contrast well with the stiff solid lines.
> Peer Reaction:
Overall, people thought this work was reflective of me - the soft and girly colors with a slightly weird edge to it. People also said that they liked the blush which I apply to certain features (hands, shoulders, elbows, nose, cheeks  etc.) - it's become iconic for me. The favorite piece of the class was the "pink hands" picture - which my peers encouraged me to recreate this piece for my "1 work // 2 weeks" project, but with a square canvas.
> Reflection:
I think this work is a lot more diverse than my last 10 works. At first I really disliked what I was making - I was trying too hard; however, once I relaxed I found that I really liked my last three pieces (as shown above on the right). This really helped steer me in the direction I want to go with my art this year which I am super excited about.
> Overall Concept:

My intention was to use this project as a chance to experiment (which it was), although, once I got into my work I realized it was reflective of my personality - feminine, shy, and a little weird. It still incorporates aspects of my last project - including color scheme (pink, pink, & more pink) and focus on the body - but feels more cohesive due to the fact that I have 3 finished pieces that are clearly related to one another.

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