"Not Again" - winter of 2013

> Reflection

> New Techniques:
Because this is a recreation of one of my 10 works // 2 weeks pieces the technique I used is very similar to the one I used for that. However, because the canvas was much bigger and the level of quality I wanted was higher I used 2 different techniques. First, I painted the entire blank canvas with paint which, once dry, I drew the hands on with pencil. Secondly, I sprayed the canvas with several layers of fixative so the pencil would not smudge once painted over. 
> Peer Reaction:
Many of my peers liked this work and saw it as a reflection of my personality (bashful & feminine). I was encouraged to continue with this style (red, white, and pink color scheme, blush, black lines for contrast, and images of hands) as it is very versatile. My peers all had pretty different interpretations of my work - many thought it had to do with self harm and cutting.
> Reflection:
Overall, I'm pleased with how my work turned out (Although, at times this piece was incredibly frustrating to work on). I really want to continue with this style, which I plan on doing with my next 1 work // 2 weeks piece.
> Overall Concept:
When I began this project I didn't really have a concept in mind - the image just resonated with me. But once I was done I realized there was a pretty big connection to my personality and insecurities (which have had a very large impact on my life in the past).

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