Mixed media on mat board-tracing paper, tissue paper, newspaper, acrylic paint, & colored pencils
Varying dimensions ( 5”x13” / 13”x14” / 8”x10”)

   For me - and many others - the overall takes priority over the details. Rarely do we find time to stop and “sniff the flowers”. Such things fade into the background of our high paced lives.
   My work attempts to capture those fading moments and details - simple forms, shapes, and emotions that we easily glance over and find “unassuming”. However, rather than glorifying them I maintain their nature with both opaque and transparent medium as well as simple lines and colors - keeping the unassuming unassuming.

> Intelligence

- I personally feel like I missed the mark for this project. I struggled with a direction for my work so there are a lot of inconsistencies between the three pieces. I tried my best to make work that had a somewhat cohesive subject matter and concept, but I think overall I there is a lot that could be tightened up and improved. This project for me was more of an experiment than anything else – one of the many steps I have to take to “zero in” on the direction I want to take artistically.

> Investment  

- I’ll be honest - my project was a bit of a last minute scramble. I did wait until the last few weeks to actually create the work itself; however I had been brainstorming experimental ideas all summer (some of which I like and would really love to experiment with this year). Unfortunately, none of the ideas I had were “doable” with my time constraint, so, yes, I did go with the least technically complicated idea. I did, however, put all my effort into those last few weeks to create those three pieces by spending every free moment I had working.
But, this work by no means compares to what I’ve done in the past – I know I can pull off better work than this, even with something so experimental. I will admit it was a mix of fear and pure teenage procrastination that held me back from doing my best work on this project. Thankfully, I think I’ve gotten that fear and summer laziness out of my system and  I’m making it my goal to make the best work I can this year – something I will truly be proud of and be willing to flaunt.

> Difficulty

- Fear. More than anything, that’s what holds me back. I constantly have to remind myself that I’m a big girl who can do stuff on her own and I think this project was a helpful reminder of that. I need to let go of that fear and learn to be more comfortable with experimentation, because I honestly think this project helped steer me in a direction I want to go with my art. There are a lot of elements I want to explore and capture with my artwork – work that really embodies my personality and reflects my views - like soft, feminine colors and subjects that are detail oriented yet honest with a strong viewpoint as well as texture and emotion/psychology.

> Self Assessment

- I’m a bit torn over what grade I would give myself if I were the teacher – I thought my work was “meh” but I give what I learned by doing this project two thumbs up. So… I suppose that translates to a “B- /C” for me and an “A+” for Mr. Guyer (cheesy, I know).
I know I can do a lot more than this and I want to do more – and while I feel this work was “meh” I think it was a necessary step I needed to take to find my artistic path.

12/12/2012 10:10am

I love love love that you considered the overlooked moments of life and, furthermore, the way you translated them into your art! They are all fantastic. Especially the stretching--even though you are potentially going in a slightly different area, definitely incorporate aspects of these pieces!!


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