For this marking period's artist study, I chose Langdon Graves (recommended to me by Mr. Guyer). She is "a girl from Virginia who lives in Brooklyn" and is interested in deconstruction, identification, and mystery. Her work is very technical and bold with touches of feminine delicacy. She often alludes to ancient philosophers and cultural beliefs as well as the relationship between science and religion.
I have a small collection of rough draft poster that I have created. For many of them I tried to focus on one particular piece of hers and focus on her interest in mystery (she has very little information about herself on her website which I thought was pretty fitting: "Langdon Graves is a girl from Virginia who lives in Brooklyn"). However, those did not work well for me... so instead I combined my favorite aspects of her work into one: technically strong and dynamic drawings, mysterious, pink (of course), and stripes. I originally intended to use the quote from her website, but I later found it unappealing. I instead chose the words "deconstruct and reimage" because it summarizes her process and philosophy. I don't hate my finished product, but I certainly don't love it.

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