I made these 3 pieces over the summer as part of a "30 day Monster Girl Challenge". I, of course, only completed the first 3 days, but I none the less think this was a good art exercise. It got me working my creative muscles again, because not only did I get to indulge in fantasy monster characters, but also in character designs. I also got to play some more with my tablet and practice my digital coloring skills.
Areas I need to work on include skin and clothing. My character's skin has no depth to it (with the exception of my 3rd drawing) which looks out of place with my detailed shading in the more textured areas like the fur and feathers. Based off my current technique, the clothing also lacks a lot of depth - it looks way too flat and awkward. This is unfortunately very visible in my 3rd drawing, because I used the same technique for the leaf-hair as the clothing which makes it stand out super awkwardly against the dimensional red body.
Aspects I like: Overall design of all 3 characters and the variety of body types and features (something I always make sure to include). Harpy's pose and feathers. Centaur's fur. The coloring on the slime girl's body (opacity, depth, etc.).
Original sketches: harpy / centaur / slime girl

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